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Privacy Policy

While operating the business KAMISHOU JAPAN IMPORT(hereinafter referred to as : This Company) recognizes the importance and social responsibility to protect all personal information to be handled and strives to ensure the appropriate protection and management of personal information with the following basic policy.
1.Acquisition, use and offer of personal information
This Company establishes management system of personal information according to each actual business as well as handles and manages personal information in the phases of acquisition, use and offer with the responsibility within the purpose of use indicated to customers. Implementation of security countermeasures
2.Implementation of security measures
This Company implements countermeasures such as management of access to the personal information, restrictions of measures to take out personal information and prevention of unauthorized access from outsiders to prevent and improve missing, defacing and leaking of personal information to secure the accuracy and safety of personal information according to various information security rules. This Company also provides necessary education and enlightening activity to employees about appropriate handling of personal information.
3.Compliance with laws, regulations and norms
This Company complies with norms which is applicable to the protection of personal information such as laws, regulations and guidelines regulated by the government for the handling of personal information. This Company also arrange the conformity of our management rules of personal information with these norms.
4.Continuous review and improvement
Continuous evaluation and improvement
This Company makes officers and employees recognize the importance of the protection of personal information and uses it appropriately. We also implement, maintain and improve continuously the “Personal Information Protection Management System” to protect rights and interests of personal information. Clarify the section in charge of the inquiry
5.Consultation service clarification
This Company sets the section in charge to respond complaints and inquiries without delay from customers regarding the handling of personal information and the information protection management system of This Company.

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