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Watch Information
Brand, Seller, or Collection Name Casio
Model number GPW-1000-1BJF
Part Number GPW-1000-1BJF
Model Year 2014
Case diameter 5.6 centimeters
Case Thickness 19 millimeters
Item weight 4.48 Ounces

June Alps [world’s first hybrid ※ GPS wave solar] ※ 2014 years
More reliable, more accurate, the acquisition of the time information.
According to (multi-band 6) standard radio and GPS satellite radio waves, and implemented in the shock structure, the complementary system of information acquisition time. By analyzing information quickly or summertime time difference, I realize the exact time is always displayed anywhere in the world.

[Toughness and accuracy]
GPS function to support the G-SHOCK. Structure to meet toughness G-SHOCK is proud, for use under harsh conditions by the “TRIPLE G RESIST”, time information acquisition in every area achieve a possible hybrid GPS radio wave receiving system.

[World Time]
To the time of the world, I can fly in an instant. Show the exact time of the earth all area with one push. Even outside the area of the standard radio wave, to quickly display accurate time of the current position from the time information of GPS.


Strong, beautiful, ticking. Quality of supreme to dwell in detail. It is functional beauty that combines strength and beauty. In addition, wearing the strength to meet the use in harsh environments, and to maximize the performance of GPS hybrid solar radio waves.

■-based technology to enhance the function
Analog heart of its own more advanced by miniaturization phenomenal of small motors. Equipped with a number of features that while allowing the mounting of GPS hybrid electric wave solar system, improve operability and reliability of the watch.

■ ※ world’s smallest motor you grant a space saving:
Miniaturization about 75% motor for independent drive the needle.
By making use of the space that downsizing astounding has produced, in the module, it was realized to be incorporated in devices such as IC responsible GPS and satellite radio receiving antenna, features state-of-the-art.
※ 6 of March 2014, as a motor it uses radio wave solar watches. Our research.

■ Smart Access:
Multi-mission drive giving multiple roles in a single needle, to implement the multi-function, it is equipped with an electronic crown switch. Can make city World Time setting with a simple crown operation, I can quickly access time of major cities around the world.

■ Tough Movement:
Flat-screen analog movement of Casio own to increase the reliability of solar radio clock.
Product introduction
Casio watch that the pursuit of absolute accuracy, has continued to evolve in the technology of originality. I have created technology which can be called the culmination of that goal, the “GPS hybrid solar radio waves”. G-SHOCK which is fused with the shock structure and technology of the advanced, open up a new front of the watch “Sky Cockpit” will appear. In addition to the standard electric wave reception function of the six stations the world, It was equipped with the ability to receive the position and time information from the GPS satellite anew. Intact, the information acquisition from the GPS satellite, it is determined whether or not daylight saving time and time zone of the location, convenience and reliability of the electric wave solar watches achieve the correct time display around the world. In addition, it is represented by a dial-in of 3:00 side latitude obtained from the location information, you can check the approximate location on the earth. It possible that it was operated in the hybrid benefits received two functions, regardless of the environment, to display the correct time in a stable manner. In addition to the pursuit of the absolute accuracy, stuck to the pursuit of toughness. And intended for use in rescue troops and carry out pilot missions in harsh environments around the world, with a TRIPLE GRESIST. In addition, in order to reduce the size of the watch body and wide face and impact resistance, excellent durability and tensile frame of Fine Resin newly adopted, “carbon fiber insert band”, resistant to the bezel of forged further I has undergone a DLC coating to enhance the wear resistance. Starting with world time, it features simultaneous display function of two cities time by in-dial 8:00 side, LED light of high brightness, such as airplane mode that is required when boarding the aircraft, the height of functionality and convenience. It is the appearance of the G-SHOCK Sky cockpit that is both the originality and innovation, was embodied the goal of ultimate toughness and absolute accuracy.


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